The Guy’s Frenchys Story

An outside photo of a Guy's Frenchys store in Digby, Nova Scotia.

In 1972 the first Guy’s Frenchys opened its doors in Digby, Nova Scotia. Used clothing was a relatively unique concept in 1972 but the idea caught on fast with consumers.

Industrial wipers was also a key part of the initial business. That enterprise as well as an exporting business carries on today under the Acadian Wipers division.

From a small one store beginning Guy’s Frenchys has grown to encompass many stores throughout Nova Scotia and New Brunswick processing thousands of pounds of clothing each and every day!

The many advantages offered by Guy’s Frenchys has made it a favourite destination for individuals and families. Friendly service, quality clothing, clean stores, and a constantly changing selection are all factors that make Guy’s Frenchys a great shopping experience!