Acadian Wipers, Guy’s Frenchys export division, helping Our Planet & Others in Need

At Guy’s Frenchys, we are the ultimate recyclers! By shopping our stores, you are helping prevent millions of pounds of clothing from going in the landfill! In addition to helping reduce our landfills, recycling helps our planet by reducing the amount of water, CO2 and pesticides required to produce new clothing.

A long, red building with many transport trucks outside.

Did you know…
To produce 1 new t-shirt, it takes approximately:

  • 7 lbs (3.2 kg) carbon dioxide
  • 700 gallons (2600 litres) of water
  • 1/3 lb (0.15 kg) of pesticides

Also, as an ultimate recycler, we recycle again what doesn’t sell! We remove items that haven’t sold in our stores on almost a daily basis! These items are sent to a warehouse where we export them to developing countries around the world in need. These items provide a great benefit to people and help grow their local economies!

Large stacks of clothing are bundled together inside a building.

For more information on our exporting division, click here.