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Regular Guy's Frenchys shoppers love to tell you about their great "Finds". It might be designer name brand fashions, vintage clothing, branded sportswear, ultra-cool t-shirt, absolutely fabulous accessory, or anything in between! One thing is always the same... customers love their Find and are thrilled with how affordable it was.

We invite you to share those stories and special purchases and will display them here on our website!

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Purchased from: Shediac

Me and my two other sisters decided to go at frenchys to take advantage of your 50% off sale. we all found a few piece of clothing that we loved and made the purchase. Its fun to go at the cash register and watch the total add up at half off. what a bargain. Hope you have many more sales like that

504 Slouch flare Levi's jeans

Purchased from: Bouctouche

Found a lot of Levi's jeans at Bouctouche's Frenchy's that day; even came across a pair of Lacoste jeans, with the crocodile embroided on the back pockets (too smal, unfortunately). But there was one Levi's pair waiting for me: just the right lenght, just worn enough, fits just right at 4,50$!
They are my new favorite jeans :)!

Lacoste shirt

Purchased from: Saint John

I'm not usually drawn to horizontal lines, but when I felt the quality of this shirt and I saw the little crocodile on the tab, I decided to give it a second tought and put it in my basket.
I was very pleased to see that it fits me just right and that the garment is so nicely made.
That was an excellent catch (among others) and my biggest brand name yet :)

Sitting Dog Folkmanis Puppet

Purchased from: Amherst

I volunteer in a library at a rural school and I have been buying puppets to make the library more inviting! I was so excited when I walked over to then toys and found this very cute puppet! This puppet is $60+ and I was able to get it for $1.50!

The kids at the school are going to love it!

Purchased from: Bridgewater

Recently, after my wife dragged me into Frenchies so she could complete her wardrobe, I noticed here a childsize BMW electric car.
When I was a little boy, I had always dreamed about a little pedal car (like this BMW) that I could sit in. For several years, I asked Santa for one and finally gave up when I got old enough to have a bicycle.
Our daughter and son-in-law purchased an electric car for our granddaughter, and to be truthful, I became jealous of her having it.
After checking briefly with my wife, about the car, she said she'd pay the $25.00 and make my dream come true.
Now the next item on my bucket list is to have my own airplane and fly it. Wifie says it'll never happen, but I believe that Frenchies can make that dream come true!
Jim Veinot


Purchased from: Moncton - Record Street

We are a clown family and to do our buskink, we need many costumes so I always shop at Frenchys to find what I need. I often transform my finding into something more flashy.

Purchased from: Saint John

I love to drop into Guy Frenchy's on the West Side of Saint John to look for specific things. My thing is wrap dresses in jersey material, especially made by Banana Republic, Anne Taylor, Ralph Lauren or Gap. Yesterday I found a great wrap by Banana Republic with the tags still on them! I now have seven wrap dresses. My look is a uniform classic style that I heavily accessorize each dress with of course accessories from Guy Frenchy's. I wear tights or leggings with the dresses for warmth in the fall winter months with patent leather flats which that too are found at Guy Frenchy's. All good. Now I am on the hunt for a new winter coat in gray wool. I know I'll find it there, I just drop by once a week as I live close by to the store. REALLY GOOD.

Purchased from: Shediac

Me and my mom went to frenchys one day because I had never gone and she wanted to take me. Lets just say for the first time at frenchys for me it was amazing. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I found hollister shirts, some forever 21 shirts , some shirts from American eagle, and Abercrombie and Fitch and I was really surprised that I found all that really cool stuff for such a great price. I love frenchys because its a place where I can find clothes that are brand name that we can't get here. Also knowing the fact that every store in the mall is like 20$ for a t - shirt when frenchys is 3 to 4 dollars a shirt. Frenchys is the best store yet!

Super Cute Diaper Bag

Purchased from: Lower Sackville

Found this beauty (brand new) Chester brand diaper bag for only $4! Just saw the same one selling on eBay for $95! Having a baby is super expensive, and I was totally excited to find this bag for a bargain. My daughters needs always come before my own, but being able to splurge and treat myself to this $4 bag made my day - and didn't break the bank :) I'll add this was my first time shopping at a Guy's Frenchys and I'm ADDICTED!

Purchased from: Moncton - Mountain Road

while digging in a bin I with the help of a couple other people found a childs new 2 wheeler "mountain cub trek" in perfect condition.THanx frenchies

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