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Regular Guy's Frenchys shoppers love to tell you about their great "Finds". It might be designer name brand fashions, vintage clothing, branded sportswear, ultra-cool t-shirt, absolutely fabulous accessory, or anything in between! One thing is always the same... customers love their Find and are thrilled with how affordable it was.

We invite you to share those stories and special purchases and will display them here on our website!

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Purchased from: Wilmot

My husband picked up a briefcase at the Wilmot Frenchy's, that he thought I might need to transport my laptop should I need to. When I looked at the beautiful leather, and saw the name, Bugatti, I immediately googled the website. Sure enough, it was there, and worth $249.00 US. Those who see it are envious, and now I have a beautiful briefcase! You never know what you may find!. Heather Greene

wedding dress

Purchased from: Shediac

I found the perfect wedding dress for my July wedding this year at Frenchy's. Minor alteration from my sister on the straps and it was perfect. I received lots of compliments of the dress, nobody could believe when I told them where I bought the dress... A fabulous find for a perfect day. Thanks again for making my day with the perfect dress :)

Purchased from: Saint John

I was searching through the store and found my 4 year old son a suit complete with tie and it only cost me $5! Thank you guys grenchys

Purchased from: Amherst

frenchys is my waredrobe and where people ask me where i get my clothes I say french-la-bears (frenchys)

Purchased from: Wilmot

A while ago, I found a 2001 yearbook from somewhere in New York... it was full of signatures from some ones graduating year. I thought the person who owned it might like to have it back, so I bought it took it home and did a little investigating . I was able to figure out who owned the year book and contacted him on Facebook and sent him his yearbook back. Needless to say he was over joyed to get his yearbook back 13 years later! There's no money value on this, in fact it cost me $30 to send it to him, but it is still my best Frenchy's find ever!!

Purchased from: Amherst

I was doing a little Christmas shopping the other day in Amherst and needed a Christmas outfit for my son. So I decided to stop into my favourite store and have a look. Not only did I find a great shirt and pants for him, but I also found an amazing pair of true religion jeans. Merry Christmas to me!!!

Purchased from: Yarmouth

I was born into a family that appreciated and collected antiques. Many years back I was on a regular visit to Frenchys and as always was checking out small bins of this and that. I absolutely LOVE picking through the "junk" bins to see what I might come across.

This particular day I did a double take when I spotted a miniature Limoges elephant in pristine condition. I inquired what the price would be and the clerk replied that anything in that particular bin was twenty five cents. I almost screamed out loud with glee!

One such as this, like brand new, is listed today for anywhere between $45.00 and $50.00. It remains to this day what I refer to as my "FRENCHYS TREASURE" !!! It has a prominent place in my china cabinet.

Over the years I have found hundreds of wonderful items during my Frenchys visits, be it books, collectibles, clothing, footwear, etc...BUT, my "Lucky Elephant" is my most cherished find. (To date, anyway.)

Michael Kore purse

Purchased from: Lower Sackville

I have lots of "fav" finds from Frenchys but wanted to share this particular find last week at the Lower Sackville Guys Frenchy.

It is a Michael Kore purse - brand new tags still on, patent leather with a strap to go over the body. Love Love Love this purse and cannot tell you how many compliments I have had in one week on this find. One of my fav past times is spent digging through bins at Frenchys...Thank You Frenchys you are the bestest...I have attached a pic..for you also to enjoy.

Ralph Lauren Navy Pea Coat

Purchased from: Oromocto

I found a men's XXL Ralph Lauren Navy Pea Coat styled jacket.

Ladies TIMBERLAND boots

Purchased from: Lower Sackville

Ladies brand new (PINK) waterproof ~Timberland~ boots for $6.00
What a find, I just LOVE them!!! SO EXCITED :)

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