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Regular Guy's Frenchys shoppers love to tell you about their great "Finds". It might be designer name brand fashions, vintage clothing, branded sportswear, ultra-cool t-shirt, absolutely fabulous accessory, or anything in between! One thing is always the same... customers love their Find and are thrilled with how affordable it was.

We invite you to share those stories and special purchases and will display them here on our website!

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Purchased from: Berwick

I had a dream come true at Guy's Frenchys in Berwick today, when I found an Eileen Fisher cashmere sweater in perfect condition. It's a gorgeous light blue grey, incredibly soft and warm, and I'm so so happy to be able to afford it. I have always loved this designers clothes, but they are very pricy. On their website a similar cashmere sweater retails for $378! THANK YOU for being so awesome Guy's Frencys.

Santa claws symphony

Purchased from: Shediac

We bought A cat Christmas ornament set called Santa claws symphony from Franklin mint.

Has all ornaments missing one description card inside.

We read online if one has all the cards and ornaments its worth $130. We paid 8$ for it. One has recently sold on eBay for $99 without the cards. We have the box and lid with the cards and ornaments.

HUGE savings

Purchased from: Liverpool

Found these two beautiful items today at the Liverpool Guy's Frenchys. Both were brand new with tags. When I got home I checked the retail prices online. The Tahari jacket is $385 US... $500 CA! The Jessica Howard dress is regular $160 CA. I loved these two items before, but I REALLY love them now! Guy's Frenchys never fails to please :)

Purchased from: Moncton - Mountain Road

OMG I couldn't believe this top! It was literally perfect! Perfect size, perfect shape and it looked amazing! O knew that this was the perfect top for my first day of work and sure enough it was! I went to work and everyone complimented it left and right! What a great find!

Purchased from: Yarmouth

I stopped at Guy's Frenchys Yarmouth this morning to see if I could find a match for a curtain that I bought the other day (yes this has happened to me before), this time however, I found something better...a cordless stick vacuum cleaner by Hoover. My next stop of the day was to go to Canadian Tire to buy a vacuum for my son's first need to spend that money. The hoover was $8 and after cleaning it up and charging it it works perfectly and complete with manual and attachments. I just love Frenchys!

Purchased from: Shediac

it was just an ordinary day in guys frenchy's. we were all set to pay when I glanced over and saw a small box that look like a Boston red sox themed item. I picked it up and was in disbelieve of what I had just discovered! it was a Boston red sox world series commemorative ring! I immediately asked the cashier how much it was. she said 1.50$. I was thrilled with the find! I put the ring on my finger. it was a bit big, but it still fit. I am defiantly going back soon to see what else lies within guy's frenchy's.

Merino Wool Jacket

Purchased from: Coldbrook

Below is what the original designer had to say about the jacket in my recent email to her for information on the jacket. She has her design studio is in WA , USA. Please read on.......

This is a very old style. The cost at the time was probably about $800-900. Today, it would be over $1,000. The mantra at my trade shows is "The good news is that it doesn't wear out and the bad news is that it doesn't wear out." We only use the finest of Merino Wool's. Each item is hand cut, hand appliqued and hand embroidered. Absolutely no commercial embroidery machines are used.
The style is over sized which was typical at the time, so that is the only thing that defines it's era.

I have a gem for sure!

Nike air

Purchased from: Saint John

My name is kyle dixon,One day I went to frenchys on the west side in saint john and I found a pair of shoes that caught my attention so I bought them for five or six dollars thinking to myself man what a great blittle did I no that they where a very expensive pair of shoes I was online one day and not looking for the shoes but ironicly there they were with a price of $2.700 ya that's right lol two thousand seven hundred. What !! Lol what's better is that its not the only time I've don't this. I have all kinds of things from that same place worth more then you could ever imagine paying for something.
P.s. the best place to by things. Lower west frenchys is the place to Go.

Purchased from: Bouctouche

I found a Bob Marley T-shirt at the Bouctouche Frenchy's a week before I went to Jamaica. It was quite a find since I was going the next week and I was quite excited about it. While in Jamaica we took an excursion to where Bob Marley grew up and wrote most of his famous songs and it was quite an experience. Once in a lifetime trip and experience for most people and I wore the shirt I found at Frenchy's. When we finished the tour of his home we went to the gift shop before leaving. The t-shirt I had on was in the gift shop. The guy working asked me where I got my shirt and I said "you don't want to know and you don't want to know how much for". The guy asked again and I said "I bought it in Canada for about $4.00". I heard about four people that took the tour with us laugh and the guy then asked if it was an orignal t-shirt. I asked him how would you know if it was original. The guy checked the tag on the t-shirt and said "it's got the stamp, it's original". He then leaned in and said "three quarters of the shirts in here are not original". Then I checked the price of the t-shirt I had on. It was $35.00 plus tax. Thank you Frenchy's for having such great clothes for such fantastic prices. I have shopped there religiously the past 6 years and I have preached the gospel to all my friends and famiily of how great your stores are.

Big Jambox by Jawbone

Purchased from: Liverpool

I recently purchased a Big Jambox by Jawbone wireless Speaker that connects
to smartphones through Bluetooth . It was like new condition with all the cords to go with it.I bought it and brought it home and it worked like a new one.Checked it out on Amazon to see that it was valued at $299.99 . That was what I call a Guy's Frenchys Find.

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