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Regular Guy's Frenchys shoppers love to tell you about their great "Finds". It might be designer name brand fashions, vintage clothing, branded sportswear, ultra-cool t-shirt, absolutely fabulous accessory, or anything in between! One thing is always the same... customers love their Find and are thrilled with how affordable it was.

We invite you to share those stories and special purchases and will display them here on our website!

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Givenchy Button down

Purchased from: Moncton - Mountain Road

Givenchy Button down
valued approx $400
Almost new

ThirtyOne organizer

Purchased from: Digby

Was searching the purse table and noticed this folded
brown canvas item under all the purses . I unraveled it and to my surprise it was a brand new with tags still on it,Thirty One brand wall organizer for 4$. Priced similar ones online for over 70$ US . Works perfect to organize my office space !

Bike rack

Purchased from: Yarmouth

Was searching off and on for a bike rack for my crv . Walked in to Yarmouth Frenchys and spotted something on the misc. table . Sure enough it was a 4$ bike rack which came with us to Keji and works amazing !!


Purchased from: Yarmouth

Women's snowshoes . Paid 25$ and found the same pair online for 179$ plus tax . Always wanted a pair but didn't want to spend the money on a new pair . These were just the style and size I needed !

Huge Santa !

Purchased from: Yarmouth

Approx 7 foot light up inflatable Santa. Was in a clear bag and when I realized what it was I tested it by plugging it in at the store ! Only 6$!

Purse Like Nan's!

Purchased from: Bridgewater

I've started taking my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter Frenchy's shopping on our get-togethers. This past Saturday, she was so excited to find this little orange purse because it was "just like Nan's"! (Not exactly, but mine is orange too and that's what mattered to her.) This is a photo of her holding it with her receipt. She couldn't be more proud!

Children's Stylish Dress

Purchased from: Digby

Like new. JULY 2016. My granddaughter loves it.

Purchased from: Oromocto

I finished my shopping and was returning my do-not-want items to the racks. I strode by the shoe rack. I spied a pair of brightly coloured runners. They were just what I was looking for. They didn’t appear to be anything special except they were new. I put them in my basket and headed to the cash. The Running Shoe Guru gave them an 8/10 rating. “A great neutral shoe for the high mileage runner.” The runners now cushion my feet. They cost about $115. I paid $4.99. Thanks Frenchys.


Purchased from: Moncton - Mountain Road

One of my favorite things to do is to look for books at Guy's Frenchys. Over and over, I have uncovered secondhand treasures for my home and classroom.

Purchased from: Shelburne

Michael Kors purse black with gold accent

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