Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What are your open hours?

The open hours for all Guy's Frenchys locations is: Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm, Saturdays 9am to 5pm, and Sundays 12pm to 5pm.

Where does the clothing come from?

We get asked this question a lot! While we never reveal our sources in order to protect our competitive advantage, we can tell you that the clothing originates from major centres in the United States.

Why are the clothes in bins?

We experimented with other systems but bins have proven to be the easiest approach and preferred by customers. You never have to worry about salespeople, folding, or putting clothes back on the rack, etc. Find some clothes, try them on, and if you don't want them just toss them back in the bin. Simple and easy!

How often are new clothes added to the bins?

The Guy's Frenchy's policy is to distribute new clothes every hour on the hour! Each and every one of our stores process thousands of pounds of clothing every day. This high volume allows us to keep the selection fresh so that customers always have new merchandise to choose from.

Do you sell other things besides clothes?

Our primary focus is clothing but you'll always find a bin or two filled with special items. It could be just about anything! We often take advantage of liquidations and closeouts and when we find a great deal we are happy to pass along the same great deal to our customers.

Is Guy's Frenchys different than other "Frenchys" and used clothing stores?

As a privately owned company Guy's Frenchys has the advantage of providing customers with consistency. Open hours, policies, merchandise selection, pricing, cleanliness, etc. are all consistent from store to store so there are never any surprises. The bottom line... if the sign doesn't say "Guy's Frenchys" then it isn't a "Guy's Frenchys Family Clothing Outlet"! Our customers know the "Guys" Frenchys difference.

Will you be opening more stores?

Since 1974 we have been expanding our operations and given the positive responses we have received wherever we go there are no plans to stop growing! We always enjoy hearing from customers and if you feel a Guy's Frenchys would be a success in your community please drop us a line from the feedback or contact pages.

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