looking-through-binSo what is shopping at Guy's Frenchys all about? Basically, it's about...

checkmark Value
Whether you are on a family budget or shopping for cool fashions, our prices are among the lowest used clothing prices you will find anywhere. Guy's Frenchys offers an alternative to purchasing new clothing by offering the same brand name quality used clothing at a fraction of the price.
checkmark Selection
We process thousands of pounds of clothing in every store weekly so our selection is constantly changing. Our regular customers recognize this important difference from our competitors. Selection ranges from work clothes to designer fashions and everything in between.
checkmark Brand Names
Speaking of selection, newcomers to Guy's Frenchys are often surprised (and sometimes even amazed) by the name brand labels they find. We won't drop names here and spoil your fun but rest assured that most regular shoppers can tell you about the fabulous 'Guy's Frenchys Finds' they have had the pleasure of purchasing.
checkmark No Selective Pricing
At Guy's Frenchys jeans are jeans and that goes for all other types of clothing as well. There is no selective pricing and that means just one purchase can make your whole visit worthwhile!
checkmark New Clothes Every Hour
In order to keep up with demand and satisfy our customers the Guy's Frenchys policy is to distribute new clothes to the bins each every hour on the hour! Staff in each store are continuously sorting merchandise so that the clothing and selection remains fresh. 
checkmark Self Serve - No Hassle
At first the mounds of clothing in a bin may seem intimidating but we assure you that once you learn the browsing technique you'll love it! It's like a small treasure hunt each and every visit and you never have to worry about salespeople, folding, or putting clothes back on the rack, etc. Find some clothes, try them on, and if you don't want them just toss them back in the bin. What could be easier or simpler!
checkmark Friendly Service - Clean Stores
At Guy's Frenchys we strive to keep our customers happy. Our friendly, helpful staff work very hard to provide you with a clean and well maintained atmosphere to shop. A play area for children can be found in every store to give parents an opportunity to focus on the task at hand!


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