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Regular Guy's Frenchys shoppers love to tell you about their great "Finds". It might be designer name brand fashions, vintage clothing, branded sportswear, ultra-cool t-shirt, absolutely fabulous accessory, or anything in between! One thing is always the same... customers love their Find and are thrilled with how affordable it was.

We invite you to share those stories and special purchases and will display them here on our website!

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Purchased from: Shediac

I found the deal of the day 2 days ago...a pair of ugg boots in "like new"
Condition...and in my size! I've been wanting a pair for years... What a blessing to pay $6 rather than $250!

2 beautiful quilts

Purchased from: Saint Bernard

I am always looking at quilts and wishing I could afford to buy them, but they are so expensive. I discovered a little secret over the last few months (well I'm about to let the secret out of the bag), I always search the drop cloth bin (in some frenchies they call it the dog blanket bin), it's usually shoved out of sight under a bin or under some clothes hanging up. They are blankets and quilts that have a slight flaw to them and they attack bright orange ribbon on them to flag that they are defective. I got these two beauties. The pinkish one I have still yet to find the flaw...I don't see any. The bluish one has a couple ink spots that blend right into the pattern and you wouldn't spot them unless you're looking for them.

I was over the moon!

Drop cloth (dog) blankets are for less than $ I really felt like I was robbing the place when I walked out with these on two separate occasions within a couple months,

I also got a gorgeous Christmas blanket, that I have sense been asked to sell for far more than the $3 I paid, but I won't part with it.

I'm a frenchy addict, and finding deals like this is why!

osgoode marley purse & bognerpants  pants

Purchased from: Liverpool

two great finds.i thought that I might go on line to order another pair of these pants in a different color until I saw the price Over $300,so i will have to wait and see if I can find another pair at Guy's Frenchys They are very comfortable and are made in Germany which may explain the price. Could only upload one pic

Purchased from: Lower Sackville

Found at the new Truro location I found a pair of 14kt gold heart earrings and on the same day an Author signed book which from what I researched the book alone without the signature is valued at over 100.00 made for a very good shopping find=)

Purchased from: Amherst

While shopping for something simple yet elegant for the annual Amherst Fire Fighters banquet, I came across a beautiful black skirt. When I got home I realized what I actually found- it's Armani, with a Bloomingdales price tag of $690!!!!! Can you say happy girl!

Purchased from: Oromocto

Sweater vest with furry trim, price tag still on: $59!

Purchased from: Shelburne

I always manage to find something adorable at Guy's Frenchy's for my 5 year old but this brand new Gap corduroy jacket is her favorite by far!

Purchased from: Moncton - Mountain Road

For the past 6 years, my good friend and I share a Frenchy's Santa tradition. We both love to shop here and we pick out from 5 to 10 items throughout the year for the other person to give as a Christmas gift. We know each other's tastes so well. My greatest find this year is a cotton turtleneck from the Harley Davidson Store, tag still on it for $59.95. Across the front in sparkly print it says 'Harley'. My friend's new cat's name is Harley, so I know she'll love it! Ssshhh- don't tell her - it's a surprise!

Purchased from: Lower Sackville

I just started Jr. High two months ago and I was looking for a new dress to wear to my first dance and I looked through a whole bunch of dresses at guys Frenchys until I found a beautiful short-ish dress with a black fitted top and a colorful blue and violet poofy bottom. And I loved it so much my grandmother said she would get it for me. Thanks frenchys !!!!

Sweet Jacket

Purchased from: Saint John

I was so thrilled to find this sweet jacket at Guy's Frenchys last week. Its an Ann Taylor LOFT brand coat which are usually really expensive. The yellow colour is in right now and it goes so great with lots of fall outfits...not bad for $5.00!!! Everything in this picture (expect boots and tights) are from Frenchys. I love your stores and will continue to be a supportive costumer.

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