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Regular Guy's Frenchys shoppers love to tell you about their great "Finds". It might be designer name brand fashions, vintage clothing, branded sportswear, ultra-cool t-shirt, absolutely fabulous accessory, or anything in between! One thing is always the same... customers love their Find and are thrilled with how affordable it was.

We invite you to share those stories and special purchases and will display them here on our website!

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Purchased from: Amherst

Wooden art easel with storage drawer for paints and brushes. For $3.00. I found a similar one on eBay for $99.00.

My Native Wedding Dress

Purchased from: Wilmot

As I walked by the Halloween bin a few years ago, I saw the end of a piece of rawhide. I pulled it out and there was a handmade dress with beading done on the breast and around the bottom.
We loved it so much, it hangs on our living room wall.

Purchased from: Shelburne

I bought a sheepskin jacket for $8 and,when I got home
saw a label that said it was from Sak's Fifth Avenue in New York. I
looked up the California designer when I got home and found that their
coats ranged from $1,500 to $2,500 in the high fashion stores. Good bargain!

Purchased from: Coldbrook

On a spring day in 2012 me and my mom went to Guys Frenchys . My mom went to look at the clothes, I told her I was going to the toys ,when I walked over to the toy bin I saw some legs for a doll, I pulled them out when I saw what doll it was I almost screamed from excitment ... it was an American Doll I was excited because these dolls cost $90 each or more. I almost ran down to my mom to shown her she was amazed so was I ! We bought the doll for $3.75 , I was so happy . When I got home we went on the website to see which doll it was... it was my favorite one,Julie I was so so happy . I am ten ,then I was eight I still am amazed what I found . I LOVE GUYS FRENCHYS ! By Shelby Johnstone

Adam's Golf Clubs

Purchased from: Shelburne

Hi , I have a story about my best find at Guy Frenchy's in Shelburne , Nova Scotia that I will never tire of recounting .... although my friends may have grown tired of hearing it !
I found a set of ten brand new women's hybrid golf clubs at two dollars a piece that I thought to buy for my daughter to use when she came to visit . No sooner had I bought them when she told me that she had just bought a set for herself . I thought , oh well I am sure that someone will want them and put them in my barn . Two months later I was going golfing and thought I should try them out . As I was heading out to the first tee with them , the golf pro said " hey, where did you buy your clubs? " I told them that I had found them at Frenchy's . He said "seriously , where did you get them ? " He then proceeded to tell me that they were at least a $1700.00 set if not more to buy new . I would like to add that they have improved my game by that much but no luck there . However I was thrilled to have such great clubs that I would never have had otherwise . Believe me , all my golfing friends are scouring the bins for such another find .
Thanks Guy Frenchy's .

Awesome Finds at Coldbrook Location!

Purchased from: Coldbrook

I found the most beautiful dress tonight amongst other great finds at Guy's! It's a gown made of heavy tshirt material (or balbriggan in "guy's-speak" - lol). The pic doesn't do it enough justice. Love it!


Purchased from: Yarmouth

My mom and I do a yearly shopping day where we start in coldbrook and work our way to Yarmouth hitting as many frenchy's as we can. On our last trip I was on the hunt for red items to wear for our well over do family photo's.
I wasn't having much luck until our last stop at the one in Yarmouth where I found my husband's red gap shirt, his old navy sweater and calvin klien jeans.
I then found my old navy red sweater dress and under armour leggings and both my boys sweaters. my son's red sweater is gap and my other son was sporting old navy.
I was very excited to get all of our outfits for under 100.00 and to be able to get our well over do family picture's done just in time for xmas.
As you will see our family picture turned out awesome, thanks GUYS!

Purchased from: Moncton - Mountain Road

I was in your Frenchys store and was down and out. I had no home, no clothes, lost my job and my whole life. I was trying to find some winter clothing to get me through the winter months. I had come across a coat and boots at the time, I couldn't afford both so I went with the boots. As I was searching I went to the counter to pay for my boots, and the coat I found was in this amazingly stunning woman's hands; she was purchasing it and I felt so down because I wouldn't be able to get it now. I payed for my boots and left, as I walk outside the woman with the coat came to me and said "here, this is for you". I was stunned, I was at a lost for words. I thanked her over and over. It was a gift from God. I have to say now that's the reason my title is love, because I served in the military and that's when I lost everything, and now that woman who so graciously helped me is my wife and we have six beautiful children. I thank you Frenchys for the most exhilarating experience in my life and you made it all happen. Love, that's what your store and shopping experience means to me, thank you.

Purchased from: Moncton - Mountain Road

I stopped in today to browse and walked out with some great finds for my husband, daughter and myself....everything was brand name and in perfect condition! Calvin Klein, Seven, Woolrich, Carters and Baby Gap. The best, however, was a Bruins cardigan sweater from the fan shop with the tags still on: $89!

1950's Woolrich Jacket

Purchased from: Lower Sackville

I found this jacket at the Lower Sackville location, I knew it was nice but when I got it home I discovered that It was selling on ebay for anywhere between $500-$700. The jacket was in near perfect condition.

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